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What is the spoken language in Bali?

The official language in Bali, like all over Indonesia is Indonesian, also called Bahasa Indonesia. This is taught in schools and is the official language of Indonesia.

Bali also has its own language, Balinese. This is commonly spoken between local people. Some older people will only speak balinese as they never learnt indonesian at school.

Here are some useful expressions in english / indonesian / balinese

  • Good Morning – Selamat Pagi – Rahajeng Semeng
  • Good Afternoon – Selamat Sore – Rahajeng Semeng
  • Good Night – Selamat Malam- Rahajeng Wengi
  • Thank You – Terima Kasih – Suksema
  • You’re welcome – Sama sama – Suksema mewali
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