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Daily Life in Bali: You Know You’re in Bali When…

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The island of Bali evokes thoughts of bliss. Loved by those who are staying there, adored by those that have unfortunately departed its shores. Yet there’s more to this slice of Indonesia than temples and beaches. Daily life in Bali an adventure in its own right. We’ve assembled a list of things that remind you on a daily basis that you’re in paradise. 

“You hear that calming traditional music in the airport”

As soon as those soothing sounds hit your eardrums, you know you’re in for the trip of a lifetime! (Or unfortunately you’re going back to reality).

“Tinder is full of Russian models”

We’ve all been there, moving on.

“There are monkey’s running across your roof”

This could be substituted with ‘had a picture with one in the Monkey Sanctuary’, one of Bali’s top Instagram spots.

“You’re drinking a coconut on the beach watching the sunset”

Not something you can do on a cloudy evening in London. Nothing beats the warm sun on your face as you drink the sweet nectar of Bali’s signature fruit. Perfect.

“You watch the same wave barrel three times in a row”

The sign of a day well spent on the beach. With so many to choose from, why not let us help you pick? We even offer private surf lessons in Uluwatu, Kuta and Canggu.

“You take the first sip of a Bintang”

If you know, you know.

“When all you can hear is geckos”

Luckily. this is covered up by the roaring sound of the air-conditioner at night…. or your neighbours rooster…

“You haven’t been in a car for 5 months”

Why would you when it’s so inexpensive to hire a scooter for the day? If you ask us, it’s hands-down the best way to explore the island.

“You’re always wearing flip flops”

What are shoes again? Daily life in Bali doesn’t require them.

“You can always smell incense”

Especially when visiting Bali’s world-renowned temples. Most of the island’s temples are still used to this day.

“When the taxis honk at you on the side of the road and ask – ‘taxi boss?’”

Normally following the serene sounds of the airport, and this is normally the only occasion on your trip that you’d say, “yes boss”.

Let us know if we missed any other ‘Bali things’ off of our list! Leave your suggestions in the comments below, you might just make a follow up article with a credit.

Andy Cook

  • Nicolas
    October 1, 2020 at 8:08 AM

    When you buy petrol for your bike in a Vodka bottle

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