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Locavore's guests can anticipate an unforgettable culinary adventure. Led by classically trained chefs Ray and Eelke, the passionate and dedicated kitchen team create unique, contemporary European fare from the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Artfully presented, meticulously prepared and utterly delicious, the cuisine of Locavore promises an exhilarating fine dining experience.

Nusantara Restaurant

Locavore takes its philosophy of seeking out Indonesian ingredients across the street to its newest restaurant. Nusantara is Indonesian for ‘archipelago’ -- the thousands of diverse islands that make up the country of Indonesia. Here, classic Indonesian dishes from all over the nation are celebrated by chefs who combine the freshest of local, seasonal components and ethical meats in nuanced, artisanal recipes.

Balinese chef Putu and his sous chefs from West Java, Medan and North Sumatra are constantly coming up with new dishes to keep the menu fresh. This authentic Indonesian restaurant offers a unique version of the country’s rich culinary heritage. The menu focuses on traditional flavours from across the Indonesian archipelago, bringing authentic, less-known regional dishes to diners from around the world in a casual environment. Busy from the day it opened its doors in mid-2017, Nusantara is set to become one of the most intriguing Indonesian fine dining restaurants in the country.


Night Rooster Cocktail Bar

Locavore’s bar Night Rooster is located between the restaurant and Locavore To Go/Local Parts and offers charming views of Jalan Dewi Sita from its second floor location. The airy yet intimate ambiance is enhanced with recycled wood, including a magnificent ironwood floor in the friendly 40-seat bar.

Here alchemist Raka creates exciting cocktails from premium spirits imaginatively combined with local fruits, herbs, vegetables and spices. Raka makes his own bitters and experiments with exotic infusions. His unique cocktails are works of art, both visually and in their subtle, delightful flavours -- a perfect match for the in-house charcuterie and more robust menu items.

Locavore To Go

Less than a year after opening Locavore’s recycled wood door, Eelke and Ray realised that they needed a larger kitchen and an outlet for their wonderful charcuterie. Locavore to Go has become the little sister of the main restaurant, running as a freestanding outlet serving up to 100 people a day.

Located 100 metres from Locavore, the cosy restaurant quickly became a popular destination for fresh home made breakfasts, lunches and snacks throughout the day. The menu features fine deli products and unusual sandwiches.


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  • June 10, 2024 10:08 PM local time

  • Restaurant Locavore, Jalan Dewisita, Banjar Padang, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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