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Yanto is a professional massage therapist on call based in Canggu. Book your massage appointment and Yanto will come to your house! (Area: Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Uluwatu, etc.)

Relaxing Massage - 60 Minutes - IDR. 200,000
This Shooting Treatment will let you experience of the total relaxation both your body and mind, uses the unique combination of reflexology. acupressure, and traditional Balinese massage to release the stiffness and muscular tension, losing toxin, harmonize your body and de-stress your mind.
The therapist will start the treatment with gentle palm pressure on your back and down to your foot to harmonize your energy, continuing with reflexology, acupressure and Balinese massage technique on the whole body, closing with the head massage and stretching your feet.

Sport Massage - 90 Minutes- IDR. 300,000
This treatment uses acupressure, reflexology and massage to release any stiffness and tension in the muscular system, relieve muscular pain or mental stress. It reduces blocks in the blood circulation and meridians and enhances a smooth flow improving metabolism.
It works to relax and rebalance the body from any physical and mental tension or stress to achieve total balance and rejuvenation.
The treatment is good for one who is active in work or sport or for those who would like to feel experience total balance and a fresh feel. The treatment starts with foot reflexology, then body massage with reflexology and acupressure, hand reflexology and closing with head, neck and shoulder treatment.

Re-energizing Massage - 60 Minutes - IDR. 200,000
This treatment combines the reflexology and acupressure into a massage. It is good for those who experience low energy, weakness, fatigue, or poor spirit.
The treatment works to stimulate and increase energy and vitality, cleaning any toxins and negative energies, releasing the inner tension and facilities the new vital energy flow in the meridians and blood circulation to achieve new power and ultimately re-energize. It starts with a food treatment, then reflexology and acupressure massage of the back and front of the body. It continue to the hand reflexology and closing with the head and shoulder massage.

Master Therapy - 90 minutes - IDR. 300,000
1. Foot and reflexology and acupressure.
2. Back treatment
3. Abdominal treatment
4. Shoulder, neck, head and face treatment

This therapy uses the technique of reflexology, acupressure, an inner energy treatment and massage to fix the body system by working on key pressure points, nerve endings, reflex areas, vital energy systems, blood circulation and the muscular systems, it is beneficial in curing acute and chronic problems or ailments in the body and it works on the basic of acknowledging the status of the problems and tunneling down the root of problem.

It helps with these problems:
1. Vertebralgia
2. Cervical syndrome
3. Lumbago
4. Sciatica
5. Sport injury
6. Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
7. Dizziness
8. Headache
9. High Cholesterol
10. Hypertension
11. Neurosis
12. Palpitation
13. Constipation
14. Chest pain
15 Abdominal pain

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