• petitpierre.jordan
    September 7, 2019 at 3:18 PM

    We booked fishing activity, easy and dynamic for the organisation, thank’s steve and nicolas. We have fished with lenong and his father, very friendly and kind. It was a good experience, beautiful sunrise and view. And finally her mother organised us a big meal ! Delicious !!

  • Toupy Thomas
    September 13, 2019 at 2:41 PM

    *Best fishing trip of my life*

    You are found of fishing, you like raw adventure, you like to see breathtaking sunsets and landscape in general, and of course you like to … Wake up crazy early ? Wait no more. This is MADE for you. These guys know how to make you live a good Time. We started this adventure with one Guy i found online (because you need to be 2 to take part in this fishing trip). With my New fish-buddy we agreed with the organizers to meet up at one of out hotel at 4 am. On due Time we were then picked up to the jemeluk beach where the Boat and our captain Ketut for the day were waiting ! After being comfortably installed in the Boat, Time to sail away for 1.5 h (+/-) in the night with a magnificient nightsky that offered us a few shooting stars ! Around 5:30 we arrived at our destination welcomed by a magnificient sunrise, and Ketut showed us how he prepared the bait (mackerel) to hopefully catch either tuna or the so coveted mahi-mahi ! Afterwards he lended us his fishing rod so we could fish on our own ! The only dowside of this is that he only had one fishing rod so we had to take turns at first. But then Ketut was Also fishing himself with nothing but a line he was holding in his bare hands. After a couple of fished we asked if we could use his Line as well to try out their fishing method because he told us they Never use the rod and he gladly showed us how to proceed. We sailed and fished for a good 2-2.5h during that time we got extremely lucky and got 17 small to medium sized mahi-mahi ! Then it was already Time to Come back to the Land. We arrived at 9:30 (+/-) and went back to our hotel. However they told us to Come back either for Midday to share a meal with the fish we caught. It was a feast, the food was delicious and they even let us take a few fishes for the evening meal :). It was an Amazing experience, Ketut and his son were so kind and helpful we absolutely LOVED IT. Please, do. Not. Hesitate. Book with these guys and share an Amazing Time with them, they will love it as much as you will 🙂 !

  • Manon
    November 21, 2019 at 4:30 AM

    Très bonne expérience avec Lenong et son père.
    Nous avons pêché des maquereaux que sa mère nous a cuisiné le soir sur la plage devant son jukung.

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