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Buka Buka Island is beautiful and remote, but it isn’t just a slice of paradise. It’s a place where you live your life to a different rhythm. A place where relaxation comes from what you do, who you meet and where you are. We’re creating a meaningful, impactful and authentic experience, and we want you to join us in making it reality.


Our beach bungalows offer the perfect combination of comfort and connection to nature. You’ll be sleeping in a king size bed with spacious living room, but yards away will be the beautiful beaches of Buka Buka Island.

Glamping Tent

This isn’t really camping, but you will feel at one with nature. Inside you get a beautiful queen size bed and a private bathroom. But part your door and you see why you’re here on Buka Buka Island – sea, sand and stars.

We’re building an eco-resort like no other, where guests are invited to enjoy the untouched tranquility of Buka Buka Island, but also to work with us and the locals to nurture, maintain and improve this paradise in the most sustainable fashion possible.

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