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When will Bali be open again for tourism?

June 18th Update

After a meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy on June 17th, the governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, delivered a statement claiming to have a plan to open Bali to tourism in the coming months.

If the situation is conducive, on July 9, new activities will begin to open for Bali, especially some sectors except education and tourism. Specifically for education, this sector is still awaiting policy from the Ministry of Education and Culture. “For tourism, we are still waiting for the situation and development,” he said.

Furthermore Koster said that if phase 1 on July 9 the situation is conducive, it will move on to the next stage of opening for domestic tourists in August. If this plan works, stage 3 will continue for foreign tourists in September. “This is just a plan. The implementation depends on the development and situation of Covid-19 in Bali. For tourism, it must be done cautiously. Do not let a second wave of pandemic in Bali occur. Because this is very hard to deal with,” he explained.

Read the full article here.

End of June 18th Update

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Bali has been closed for tourism since March 20th.

To this day, no official opening dates have been announced by the government. Domestic tourism and travel should be allowed in June.

At the moment, touristic visas are still not being delivered. Some officials talk about a July opening, other about October. It will depend on the evolution of the situation.

The number of COVID-19 cases are still fairly limited. For daily updates, you can follow this Facebook group where Jackie Pomerov is doing an amazing job at collecting data and monitoring official announcements.

On May 26th, BNPB reports 2 new positive cases yesterday for Bali and a cumulative total of 396. This includes 2 more recoveries for 293 total recovered and 4 deaths, leaving the same number of active cases (97).

Jakarta counted 75 new cases for a total of 6,709. New cases recorded throughout Indonesia were 479, bringing the cumulative total to 22,750 with 1,391 deaths (+19).

We are also monitoring the situation very closely and we will keep you updated as soon as the situation evolves.

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