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Bali COVID 19 Solidarity – Feed a family in Bali

As a business established in Bali, we would like to support the local population during this worldwide crisis.

Most of Bali’s economy and jobs rely on tourism. With zero touristic activities, a lot of people are already unemployed with no income or help from the government.

With no income and very little savings, a lot of families are already in need of help.

If you are like us and love Bali, we would like to encourage you to give donations to the Feed a Family in Bali carried by Adi, Santi and Frances. The donations go directly to them. They manage the shopping and distribution with the local Banjars (neighbourhood communities, base of the balinese local organisation).

Feed a Family in Bali 

?Give USD 25 or IDR 400,000 to support one family of 2 adults and 2 kids for 2 weeks.

?Here’s the “Feed a Family” care package. It’s only USD 25 or IDR 400,000 per family that’ll help them for 2 weeks of self-isolation.
– 10 kg rice
– 2 litres cooking oil
– 3 dozen eggs
– 12 packets of tempeh
– 2 cabbage, 1 kg carrot, 4 chayote
– 12 bananas
– 2 kg local tangerines
– 1/2 kg salt, 1/2 kg sugar
– 1/2 kg shallots, 1/2 kg garlic, 1/4 kg chillies, lemongrass, galangal

?We buy from local Warung and markets (not the big supermarkets) to further support the local population.

?In addition to this, we have include organic herbs, spices and greens from our garden to add to each care package.

?‍?‍?‍?Your gift puts food in tummies! ??

1. International donations:
2. Feed a Family” IDR Local Donations: Bank – BCA Seminyak IDR Account Number – 7700139616 Name of Account- “I Made Adi Ardika”

?Transparency is important. I give you full daily updates of donations as well as documentation of who receives the packages.

❗️Safety First – Adi, Santi and I buy and distribute while in full protection of masks and gloves. We have hand sanitizer and we disinfect EVERYTHING‼️

?Adi has been working directly with the village heads (Banjar Klian) in villages most dependent on tourism. We personally give the care packages to families that are most vulnerable. If the crisis goes into May and June, many more Balinese will need help.

?We totally understand that everyone is suffering right now. However, local Balinese do not generally have any savings or a government that can help them during this crisis.


Feed A Family – March 31 UPDATE

??IDR 128,168,930 received as of March 30??

?Together with 123 very generous people, we’ve raised enough money to feed 320 FAMILIES!

?? Do you see my favourite number “23” showing up here? Can you believe this started only 7 days ago on 23-3-20?

✨Adi, Santi and I are completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of your love. You have given us a purpose to keep going every day during this crisis.

?We’re slowly trying to thank each donor one by one on our socials.

?The total above reflects the amounts received as of March 30. There are too many donors to fit on this post so I’ll continue to add your names over the next few days

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